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I’m absolutely beside myself & jumping out of my skin 🙂 that Xabc Entertainment is touring Charlie Musselwhite & his band around Australia Feb/Mar 2015.

Fresh off the back of his Grammy award winning album with Ben Harper “Get Up”


I feel honoured that we call each other friends.

I remember last time we toured him here, a fan at one of his shows shook his hand & ran off,they ran past me & I heard her saying to her friend that they just shook Charlie’s hand, upon hearing that I told Charlie & he said “well I suppose they are excited because my hand has shaken Muddy Waters hand who had shaken Robert Johnson’s hand,so I immediately shook his hand & thought WOW there is only a small degree of separation between Charlie & the men & women who invented Blue’s music!

So get ready because “Here Comes Charlie Musselwhite”


Please leave a comment below, I love your feedback.

Stay tuned for tour dates.

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    1. Sorry missed this comment Ben real busy with tour …June Core drums,Matt Stubbs Guitar,Steve Froberg Bass

  1. Went to the show at Panthers** Was so great for me to see the great man in person
    My Dad played Charlies tapes over and over at home but never saw him live so I grew up with Charlies wonderful sound

    We thought it only fitting to play Charlies SLEEPWALK at my Dads funeral
    When our guest left the cemetery each was given one of Dads old harps to celebrate his life
    ( he had hundreds)
    Charlies music will always stay with me
    Thank him for me

    1. Thanks Jules, just showed Charlie your comment – he would like to say he’s flattered and would like to thank you for sharing your story. Glad you had a great time and see you at our next night of blues.

  2. Cant wait till you tour wa again!! Big fan of charlie since i was only a young boy ,were i lernt to play some of his licks myself been a harp player.. (finger licking good) got to love it!!!

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